It’s not what you learn. It’s how you learn it.

E-learning strategy

We design your online training strategy focusing on your employee, client or collaborator.

Content design

We come up with and design all the digital and multimedia training content following the latest trends and using the latest technology from the sector.

LMS platform

If you do not have an LMS platform, we can advise you, help you create it and publish the training content.

Translation of content

We provide translation and voice-overs of the content in all the languages you need.


We design content to be attractive, as well as intuitive, easy and accessible for the visually impaired.

Customized training

We design a custom online training plan so that your team can create, edit and update its own content.

Graphic design and multimedia

These are some of the authoring tools we use for multimedia and graphic design:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After effects

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Audition

Training content creation:

And these are the authoring tools we use for creating training content following SCORM protocol:






Canvas LMS